Mariam Kamora’s story may be interpreted as one of hardship and adversity but alternatively it may be one of strength and courage. Born and raised in Hola, the capital of Tana River county that may as well be a village, she’s a child of divorce. After her parents split during her last year of primary school she was raised by her mother throughout high school until finally in 2011 a year after graduation she got married and was pregnant.

The newly wed couple’s bliss was short lived however as reality soon set in, they were both penniless and unemployed. The couple made due however trying various revenue streams including selling juice and clothes on the street. As time went by her husband was able to open a barber shop that however failed soon after it started up. Mariam though, not one to give up, agreed to work in Saudi Arabia for two years while saving and sending money back to her family back in Kenya. While she was away her husband was recruited byb the kenya Police Force and thus she came back using her savings from Saudi Arabia to support them while he was still in training and not yet allocated a paycheck.

That first paycheck however was more of a curse than a blessing. She had no idea how much he earned and he felt that since she lived in the same house as him and benefitted from said paycheck that she may as well be his servant. To compound the matter he started seeing other women rationalizing it in that he could now afford them. After three or four months, Maria had had enough, she took her child and left him. She’s back on the street selling juice and water and works hard to fend for her child, better no relationship than a loveless one.
She closes with an appeal for self-reliance for all women, a need for them to be independent and earn their own living, a lesson she herself learnt the hard way.

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